11 June 2013

The Chocolate Fountain Birthday

This past weekend was Mr. B's 8th birthday.  This year will be remembered as the year Mr. B didn't want a birthday cake--or cupcakes!--but asked for a chocolate fountain instead.  

(I'm pretty sure he was inspired by the popular pictures of this bird).

And, no, I didn't let him lick the fountain.  However, he did sneak a straw later on and proceeded to suck up some of that dark chocolate goodness from the bottom of the fountain!  What a stinker! 

(Did I mention that he threw up by bedtime? hahaha)

It was a delicious idea though and we enjoyed dipping strawberries, kiwi, bananas, and angel food cake into it...mmmmmmm!  And it didn't seem nearly as fattening as cake:)

So, yes, Mr. B had a birthday and is officially 8 years old!  So hard to believe that my baby is that big now!  He is a constant source of entertainment and keeps me on my toes by the minute.  I love him dearly~he's my favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

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