11 July 2013

Bubble Bottles

I don't even remember where my Mr. B saw this idea, but he couldn't wait to try it.  I was a bit skeptical as it whether or not it would produce such big bubbles, but I was proven wrong.  

Just a regular recycled water bottle with a scrap of an old washcloth rubberbanded to the cut-off bottom of the bottle (fyi: it helps if the bottle has an inward indention to attach the rubber band to) dipped into a bowl of slightly-watery dish soap and then given a little puff of air produces the coolest bubble "snake" you've ever seen!  

Mr. B had so much fun playing with this.  Simple summer fun--I love it!

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1 comment:

V Farrell said...

Hello sweet Farrell Fam:)

I think you're the best in all of your endeavors:)

You probally won't believe this, but lost all of your #'s due to cell phone provider.

I love you, call me this Saturday, please.

Mimi F.