18 July 2013

Summer Days

Ah, summer time...

Those lazy days ....wha??????

I am so worn out from the busy days of summer time!  I am longing for some of those lazy days.

Just to be able to relax, play games with my family, take a random road trip, sit and read ...you know, do nothing!

Instead, this week has been a blur of activity--make that: this month has been a blur of activity.   We still have so many things on our Summer Fun List that aren't checked off yet.

This week especially has seemed like we (my husband and I) are 'ships passing in the night' because of the crazy-busyness.  We've been VBS-ing, kids crusade-ing, birthday party-ing, and I've been shopping, going to meetings, trying desperately to keep up with housework while Vince is busy with renovations at our church.

I am so looking forward to next week when we have some family fun down time planned.

Next summer I'm putting "Be Lazy and Do Nothing" on our list!


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