15 July 2013

What's For Dinner {July 15th}

What's for dinner??  Well, this week it looks like I'm hardly even in the kitchen, let alone cooking dinner!!

We have something going on every night this week--and most of those activities include dinner, thus the "no cooking" part.

Even though Tuesday night is my summer Bible study night and I generally don't make dinner on those nights, I think I will this week because it will be our only week to have dinner together at home all week long.

We'll be having a simple, delicious meal of bruschetta and spaghetti with meat sauce.

So ....this week is looking pretty easy dinner-wise, huh?

The kiddos are also attending a local vacation Bible school each morning this week, so I have several hours all to myself each day--highly unusual!!  Today I barely even had a chance to catch my breath though since I tried to get all of my errands packed into this morning.  It feels good to have accomplished all of those things so early in the week!

I've got lots of plans for this week, too: homeschool planning (including a couple of committee meetings for our homeschool group), housework (I might even tackle my mountain of ironing...ugh), some personal projects I haven't yet started this summer, and probably other things that I'll think of!  The list never ends, doesn't it?

I hope your week is off to a great start, too!!

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