09 August 2013

End-of-the-Week Wrap {the Star Wars edition}

(view from our 15th floor hotel room)

We just returned last night from a short trip to Indianapolis.  Vince and I were attending a ministers' conference hosted by our ministerial fellowship there and we took the kiddos with us (since my parents and sister, aka: our babysitters, were all there, too!).  I'm glad we made it a family trip though, it was really a wonderful time!

While the conference did keep us busy (and it was SO good!), we also had a little time for a family outing and a little walking around the heart of the downtown.  There is a beautiful circle drive downtown with a monument called "Soldiers & Sailors".  Our hotel was just a block off of the circle and thus the lovely view posted above.  We enjoyed exploring a little as we walked from the hotel to restaurants during our time there.  

(a night view)

(with the kiddos)

Before we left on our trip I did a little research as to what would be the most fun attraction not too far from the hotel that we could do with the kiddos on our one full afternoon there.  And we decided on the Star Wars exhibit now showing at the Indiana State Museum.  We're all big Star Wars fans, as you may know.  

(a lovely museum)

This exhibit is called Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination and it is a truly wonderful museum exhibit!  It cost a bit more that we would normally pay for museum entrance, but we chose to splurge on this one-time special event.  And I'm so glad we did!  The kids were thrilled--to say the least!  We didn't tell them beforehand where we were going, just that we had a fun family afternoon planned.  When we pulled up and they started to see the banners for the exhibit, they were nearly speechless with excitement.  Of course, the speechlessness didn't last long.  

(with a Jawa and a Rebel pilot)

The exhibit is filled with actual props, models, and costumes from all six movies (yeah, pretty fun, huh?!) and mixed among all of that are some great hands-on science activities that correlated with different parts of the movies' effects.  

(using Legos and magnets to build hover crafts)

(posing with lots of real movie costumes--
they even had the actual Yoda puppet from movies 5 & 6!!)

(in the "Millennium Falcon")

At the end of our visit there we took a "ride" in the "Millennium Falcon".  Actually, it was just a recreation of the cockpit where you sat and watch a short film on flying through space (and, of course, going into hyper-drive!).  Very fun!  

If you're anywhere near Indianapolis this summer, the exhibit will be on through September 2nd.  You just might want to check it out.  

And that wraps up our week.  We now return to our regularly scheduled program: laundry and cleaning.

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Nichole said...

What a cool exhibit! It looks like you had a blast. I'm glad the conference was great, too!