12 August 2013

Our Learning Room {Updated}

Welcome~it's the time of the year when I invite you in for a visit to our Learning Room!  Come on in!

Not too much has changed since last year.  This is our third year in this Learning Room--the longest ever in any of our learning rooms.  I think it's my favorite overall, too.  We do most of our school work in this room.  The kiddos each have a desk and I also have a desk.  However, there are times when we spread out around the house--or even outside--just because we need a little space.  The room is definitely the hub of all things educational in our home though.  

The focal point of this room is by far the custom-built bookcase covering one whole wall.  My amazing hubby built this for us.  You can read more about the building process of that here.  Believe it or not, I am constantly searching for more bookshelf space.  It's at a premium in our home!  But that doesn't stop us from buying more books, of course.  

We use a very simplified version of the workbox system.  Last year I purchased a couple of  scrapbooking shelves and, using velcro sticky dots and workbox labels, made a system that has served us fairly well.  We're certainly not purists with this system, but our modified version is very helpful to us.

My favorite feature of this room is one that often gets neglected and piled with stuff: the window seat.  I longed for a window seat as a child and I was SO happy that my hubby built one into our room.  My daughter loves to sit here and read.   

Other features of our room include lots of art supplies, musical instruments, our desktop computer, printer, lots and lots of educational manipulatives and games, and so much more!  While I often try to purge items no longer needed/wanted/used, this room manages to remain very full.  That's okay though, it's where we spend a lot of time, even when homeschool isn't in session.  The kiddos can often be found at their desks coloring, writing letters, creating art, and whatever else they think up to do.  

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Marsha said...

I adore your built-in bookshelves! It's like having your own library at home. Hope you have a blessed year!

jessica lynette said...

That is a truly lovely space!! the window seat is adorable - I always wanted one as a child too!

Christy said...

Ooh, I want a windows seat like yours! Your school room looks very organized, just how I like it.

Brenda Johnston said...

I love your bookcase area! It looks great! Thanks for sharing.