14 August 2013

Why My Family Homeschools

Today I am sharing over at There Is Grace for my friend Nancy's series: The Great Education Debate.

While I often explain to people {in brief} why our family homeschools, I don't think I've ever actually blogged {in-depth} about it.  It's become such second nature to me that I just don't think about it a lot.  It truly is a lifestyle for us.

Just to give you a little background, I was homeschooled through 1st and 2nd grades (I skipped kindergarten because it wasn't required in my home state at that time--yes, that's how "old" I am).  My parents chose to homeschool because we traveled full-time.  I come from a ministry family and we were in a new place every week wherever my dad was speaking, living it up in our Holiday Rambler.  My mom was also very involved in the ministry as well and being apart as a family just wasn't an option.  So while homeschooling was a relatively unheard-of concept in the 70's I was part of the beginning of the movement, even if it was a short stint.  I loved it though and, of course, traveling is an education in itself.  However, when I was going into 3rd grade my parents' started pastoring and my dad's travels became more solo ones for a time and I continued the rest of my education in private Christian schools.  I never forgot my wonderful homeschooling experience though. 

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Veronica said...

Well said... couldn't agree with you more! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Lora @ my blessed life said...


Thank you so much for dropping by! And thank you for your kind comment:)