29 September 2013

A Quiet Sunday Morning

I rarely have a quiet Sunday morning.  Usually Sunday mornings are filled with activity for me: getting myself ready for church (I am a pastor's wife, after all), helping my children get ready for church, preparing a quick breakfast, maybe preparing something for lunch, making final preparations to teach a children's class, making sure the dog is taken care of.  Then when all of that is finished, we jump in the car and head to church where much more activity ensues.  Sundays generally don't have a quiet moment for me until the afternoon--and sometimes even those can be busy as well.

Today is different though.

I am sitting here by the French doors to our back deck watching the rain come down, as I stay wrapped up in my pink Snuggie in a comfy chair with my cell phone, my Bible and some good books and the laptop for my companions while my family is all at church.

I am recovering.

This past week I underwent a hysterectomy.  It was a long time coming and my body was in need of this drastic change.  And while I was only in the hospital for one short night, the recovery will take a bit longer.

I am learning to sit still and allow my family and friends to nurture me a little.  This is very much a reversal of roles for me.  I am accustomed to being the nurturer, the one cooking the special meals, washing the clothes, cleaning the house.

Now I am on the receiving end of those things.  And, yes, while it's a bit humbling (especially since this past month was so busy that I didn't get nearly all of the housework and projects done before my surgery that I had intended to), it's also very refreshing and comforting to be taken care of.

So I embrace this time of recovery.

I pray it will not just be a time for my body to heal, but also a time of refreshing for my soul.

So often I am guilty of being "more Martha than Mary", and there is definitely a time for physical service, however, I want to also take that time each day to just spend alone with Jesus.  And while I usually do, it's often hurried because I know the huge "to do" list that awaits me.

But for now I will linger and enjoy this extra time I've been given.

So, Happy Sunday to you.  May yours be a quiet and blessed one as well.

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