22 September 2013

End-of-the-Week Wrap {camping, co-op, & a birthday}

It has been another busy week ...thus I am doing this wrap-up on Sunday night instead of Friday afternoon. ;)  You'll forgive me though, won't you?

This week we went camping for two days (and I am still cleaning up the aftermath of said camping trip), got some school work accomplished, enjoyed a family movie night, and celebrated my birthday.  It was a good week.

We've been wanting to go camping since the spring and the right opportunity never presented itself.  Either it was too rainy, or too hot, or we were too busy ...it was always something.  Well, we decided it was now or next year.  So we dug out our gear (that hadn't been used in three years) and headed for the woods.  It really was perfect camping weather and we had a great time getting back to nature.  You can read more about that trip here.

I can't say that we got tons of book work done this week, but there was lots of learning happening.  I actually packed a bag full of school books and took them on our camping trip.  The picture above shows the kiddos doing a little bit of book work ...the only time they did any on our trip.  We just had more fun fishing, catching bugs, hiking, looking for rocks, watching the wildlife, reading, playing games, cooking over the campfire, and just being together.  Frankly, camping is an education in itself.  

When we got back home we did get about a day and half of school in here at home.  Of course, getting back into the groove (that we were barely in to begin with) is always a tad bumpy.  But that's okay, we'll get there.  That's the beauty and flexibility of homeschooling.

I am learning to adjust our new writing curriculum a bit though, especially for Mr. B.  Doing a lesson every.single.day is just too much for him when several other writing activities in other subjects are also happening.  So we have scaled that back a bit and are moving at a little slower pace.  Our other subjects are moving along fairly smoothly however.

On Friday we attended our co-op classes.  We are really having fun this semester in co-op!  This past week we got to meet some sugar gliders and a chinchilla.  They were so much fun!  We also learned about the heart, did a Lego building challenge, and did some chemistry experiments on how acidity changes the color of a chemical.  

Oh--and did I mention that The Princess new fave thing is playing kickball on "recess"?  She is loving it and I'm glad she's getting the opportunity to play some fun team sports like that.  Reminds me of recess when I was a kid:)

Friday ended with pizza and a movie at home.  Vince and I thought it was high time to break out The Princess Bride.  We love that movie so much and can quote nearly the whole thing.  It was fun sharing it with the kiddos.  They loved it, too!

Saturday was my birthday and I so enjoyed having a relaxing family day.  It started with breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs and toast via The Princess), a book reading and a back massage (from Mr. B), lunch out and then cake!  So blessed to have another year!

And another week is wrapped up!  I hope yours was wonderful and that this week is even better!

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Priscilla Price said...

Camping for two days, meeting some sugar gliders and a chinchilla, your little Princess' new favorite thing is playing kickball during recess, pizza, and a movie at home on a Friday night, and more – This was really a great week for all of you, Lora! And it’s nice that it ended with a lot of happiness for your birthday. I hope it will be the same this year. Enjoy!