11 September 2013

Meeting New Friends

A few years ago I never would have thought I would be jumping in my car and heading off to meet up with internet friends with whom I had only had virtual communication before.  But this past Monday night I was so excited to meet up with a couple of blogging friends who live in the same region that I do.  

One friend, Jennifer, I actually know in real life, but have only met a few times through homeschooling activities.  She lives in a different town and so most of our communication is through the internet.  Jennifer has a lovely new blog called Godly Glimpses.  

Crystal met up with us from yet another town not too far away.  She has a wonderful blog called Serving Joyfully.  She and I are both a part of a bloggers group on Facebook and have only interacted there until this week.  Ironically, she and Jennifer had "met" in a different Facebook bloggers group as well.  So this was a fun little reunion for us all!  

These ladies are such sweet Christian women and we had such a great time connecting in person.  I really hope that we will be able to do this again before too long.  I love how God brings people into our lives in the most unique ways to bless us.  

How about you?  If you're a blogger have you ever met up in person with any of your friends from the internet?  

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