04 September 2013

Our First Day of Back-to-{home}School

We survived our first day of back-to-{home}school yesterday!  I just love not starting until September!

And the best part is that it technically was our 13th day of our school year instead of the 1st because of our summer "schooling" :)  It was just our first day to sit down with all of our new books and begin our regular schedule.

It really was a great day, too, in spite of a few challenging moments.

We kicked off with morning chores and then a yummy breakfast of bologna cups and fried potatoes accompanied by 'devotions with Dad'.  Then we dived right into the books, taking a morning snack break and then a lunch break to our local Zaxby's for free back-to-school lunches for the kiddos (I love their kids' club!).

When we came back home we did our last subject as a family (history), then took off for Nashville for the monthly free Lego build.  We just love those!  Afterwards I took the kiddos to Bob Evans for another free meal before heading home and going straight to bed.

Yes, it was a long day, but a fun one and we all slept well!

And now our 2nd day begins!

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