26 October 2013

End-of-the-Week Wrap-up {Lewis & Clark, CFA, & the end of co-op}

And another week is in the books!  It's hard to believe that this time next week October '13 will be over.  This year may have been the quickest one I've ever lived yet (I hear they get faster...boo).  

This week felt a little bit less busy and that was nice.  While I'm a feeling much better since my surgery--not  having too much pain or soreness anymore--my energy levels still have a ways to go.  I sort of fizzle out by the end of the day.  After the kiddos are tucked in you'll find me with my feet kicked up watching some Burn Notice or Everybody Loves Raymond or if my hubby isn't watching with me it's more likely to be Poirot or Foyle's War.  I really must start going to bed earlier again:)

This was a fairly good, steady week of schoolwork.  Some weeks are like that you know, just staying the course.  

The kids especially had fun one day learning the secret code that Thomas Jefferson developed for communication with Lewis and Clark during their expedition.  We also watched a great National Geographic documentary about Lewis and Clark that is currently on Netflix.  

We also had some fun checking out some of the Lego writing prompts that I've found through Pinterest.  You can read more about that here and check out my *homeschool {Legos}* pinboard here.  All things Lego are loved at our house!

We also joined our homeschool group for a fun afternoon at our local Chick Fil A for kitchen tours!  We had a great time!  Of course, we love Chick Fil A--and after seeing behind-the-scenes I am even more impressed.  I would imagine that stores everywhere offer these tours, so I encourage you to ask about kitchen tours at your local CFA!  It's a fun little field trip!

We finished up our week with the last day of our fall co-op session with our homeschool group.  It turned off very cold on this day so we had our first indoor recess time of the semester--which was a great time playing games as you can see...

We also had our student yearbook photos taken--by a professional for the first time--and it went fairly well.  60 students in one day!  That's a lot better than I did last year ..ha!  

Now we'll have a co-op break until February.  And I'm glad for that.  With the holidays upon us it's nice to have a little less on my proverbial plate.  

And that wraps up our week!  

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Tonia said...

Lego writing prompts sound very cool! And I would love a field trip to Chick-Fil-A!