18 October 2013

Grapevine Studies {how our family is enjoying stick-figuring through the Bible}

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I remember first hearing about "stick-figuring through the Bible" and was a little perplexed and a little intrigued by the concept.  Grapevine Studies were unlike any other Bible curriculum that I had seen.  So when I saw a freebie lesson offered on Facebook last winter I snagged it.  

The lesson was on the Last Supper and it was perfect for our Good Friday family Bible study.  And we loved it!  The kids thought drawing out each aspect of the story was so much fun and they really enjoyed it so much.  And I did, too.  It was a joy to teach!  So when it came time to finalize our curriculum for this fall I knew that Grapevine Studies must be included.  

I decided to start with New Testament Overview Part 1: Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry for my son and we have not been disappointed.  He LOVES it and requests to do it first thing every day.  

We are using the Level 2 curriculum which is for ages 8-10, just right for a 3rd grader.  The lessons fit my son's learning style so well and we couldn't be more pleased.  Each lesson is broken into about 6-8 parts or pictures so that you are drawing your way through the story.  It's a very effective way to learn the Word!

There are three reasons that I am loving Grapevine Studies:
  1. There isn't a lot of writing involved.  I require my son to do even less writing than they suggest sometimes because he just doesn't do well with too much writing and since he's getting more writing this year in most other subjects I don't see a big need to press it here.
  2. The drawing each part of the lesson/Bible story really draws my son in.  He loves to draw and enjoys all of the different stick figures and their special colors.  I have fun with it, too, because I draw it on our chalkboard for him and then he has a large picture to draw from.
  3. Each picture has a box in which to draw and it also has a Scripture reference for the story.  I require him to look each reference up and read it aloud and he's doing wonderfully with this.  He retains what he reads very well and is doing very well learning where all of the books of the Bible are.  Plus I just adore listening to him read the Bible to me!

(can you guess what story this is?)

I must say that I very highly recommend Grapevine Studies.  While we use them daily in our homeschool, they would also be wonderful for any, homeschoolers or not, to study the Bible with their children.  These would also be great for church classes as well.  I encourage you to visit their website and see what they're all about!

Their studies are very reasonably priced.  The New Testament Overview Part 1 that we are using comes with twelve lessons and costs $12.50.  The lessons are usually about 3 pages and we take our time doing usually 1-2 pages a day.  We prefer to purchase the eBooks and print lessons off as needed, but they do have hard copies available.  

AND I do have a special to offer you from Grapevine Studies!  They have graciously offered to give any of my readers 20% off of your order with the coupon code OctBlog!  This code is good until the end of this month.  So please click over and visit their site to see how wonderful this Bible curriculum is.  Don't forget to check out their free sample lessons while you're there!

Disclaimer: I purchased the student curriculum on my own, but received the accompanying teacher's guide in exchange for my honest opinion and review of this product.  

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Kari said...

Ok, I'm loving John's hair and Satan's forked tail. lol =) This is just such a great idea!