18 January 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {our first Lit Fair, among other things}

So, it's January and we're back in full swing with homeschooling after a very extended holiday break.  Because of how late Thanksgiving was and because of visiting out-of-town family, we ended up taking off six weeks!  Whew!  That was a long time.  I was so ready to get back into our routine after New Year's.  

Of course, the re-entry back into homeschool life does present challenges for everyone after such a long break (even for mom!), overall it's been a good month so far.  Don't let me deceive you, there has been some whining and complaining ...maybe even a "fit" or seven ...but I have been very pleased with our progress these past two weeks that we've been back to the books.  

I'm one of those ...and by that I mean one of those Type-A people who like to stick to my "plan".  And I'm happy to report that we've done well at keeping on track and have jumped back in {mostly} wholeheartedly.  

a log cabin "quilt" the kiddos made for one of their history lessons

Mr. B working on a phonics lesson

We've also had some very cold weather here in Kentucky lately and even a little bit of snow and ice.  Frankly, I've enjoyed it.  I like winter weather (actually, I love all four seasons!) and it's good for the kids to get out and play in the snow--even if it means a.lot. more laundry ;)

We don't burn fires in our fireplace on a regular basis, but we were blessed with some firewood this Christmas and it certainly was enjoyed during our single-digit temps here lately.  

This week we were also busy working on the kiddos' Literature Fair projects.  Our homeschool group hosted our very first Literature Fair this year and we have really been looking forward to it.  

The Princess chose Nancy Drew, but had a hard time narrowing it down to just one book.  So her display told about the series in general and highlighted four of her favorites (so far!).  She did a great job making her board~I was super proud because I'm a big fan of Nancy myself!  She displayed a Nancy Drew scrapbook that I found a few years ago.  She also served hot tea and "frosted cakes" (straight out of The Clue in the Jewel Box, I might add).  It's not a Nancy Drew book if she isn't visiting a tearoom somewhere, right? :)

Mr. B had a harder time choosing a book, but he finally settled on The Giving Tree.  A classic choice, of course!  I found a great story map for him to use to tell about the book on his board.  Then he and his dad made a very cool "apple tree" from twigs, tissue paper, and an old silk ivy plant of mine.  He also displayed a Lego apple tree, a Popsicle stick house, and a Model Magic canoe to demonstrate the things the boy used the tree for in the story.  

We really enjoyed the Lit Fair!  Our group invited two local speakers to come and speak and share their books.  One speaker, Lisa Piper, writes Christian fiction and historical fiction.  The other, Crystal White, has just published her first children's picture book.  Both authors were a delight to listen to as they shared what inspired them to begin writing and even some of their processes.  Our children loved them!  Mine are already planning for books they want to do for our next Lit Fair.  

I'd love to hear if you or your homeschool group has done an event like this before.

And that wraps up our first two weeks back into our homeschool grove!  I hope that you're having a great January as well!

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Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Oh wow the lit projects are awesome! What a neat idea to have a fair! I love Nancy Drew and the Giving Tree. Great choices!

Stef Layton said...

Oh, a literature fair?! Jealous!!!