14 September 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 2}

Well, I'm way behind on this 'End of the Week Wrap-Up', aren't I?  It's been one busy weekend and I just haven't had a chance.  Better late than never though~I always love looking back through our weekly wrap-ups to see how the year progressed.

In our homeschool this week...

We had some bumps, but stayed on track fairly well.  

The Princess finally finished last year's math (only 2 weeks into the new year ...and, yes, I make my kiddos finish all of their math).  She so does not enjoy math, but Teaching Textbooks has made it bearable for us all.  She is doing well in her first year using Rod & Staff grammar.  It has been a good transition from First Language Lessons so far.  She also began Johnny Tremain this week.  This year instead of just a book report each month, I am trying out the free literature guides from Glencoe.  They look challenging without being exhausting.  I wanted something that would cause her to think a little more, but not be discouraging.  So we'll see...  She's also clicking right along in her other subjects as well: vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, and Bible study.  

Mr. B had a bit of a bumpier week.  We are dealing with some challenges with him (I plan to share more about that soon).  He is doing well in his subjects though--unless they include too much writing:)  There is more writing involved with his new reading from Rod & Staff and that is a bit of a struggle, but overall I'm pleased with how he is doing with it.  Of course, he does very well with First Language Lessons.  And his Bible study--Grapevine Studies New Testament Pt 4-- is going well, as is handwriting and spelling.  

Our family subjects are going well, too.  We are learning about early American history right now and are doing a geography study of each of our states along with the history.  And our human anatomy study is off to a great start!  The kids have been very into it so far and we even made some edible DNA this week:)  

I am working hard to not get into a boring rut with my lesson planning this year.  I am working more fun learning into our school and I'm glad I am.  Things like Lego learning, games, more videos, and just plain ol' brain breaks will hopefully keep us out of that "same ol', same ol'" feeling, you know?  

Our 2nd week of co-op went well.  In our art class we made "textured sculptures" and learned about Dubuffet., in science we made "Big Mouth Tumblewings", and in Buzzwords the kids got to invent their own spelling board games.  Afterwards we enjoyed some time with the other families in The Princess' book club (luckily there is another little brother who Mr. B loves to pal around with).  

I'm thankful for an overall successful week, in spite of challenges.  And I'm praying for an even better upcoming week!  

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