21 September 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 3}

This slow weekly wrap-up is getting to be a bad habit, eh?  My excuse this weekend is that we've been busy celebrating my birthday! :)

Our highlight this week was a field trip to Ft. Donelson, Tennessee.  I didn't realize that we had a Civil War battlefield so near to us.  I have visited quite a few of them and they are always so interesting.  This one did not disappoint either.  The grounds were beautiful and well-kept and the rangers were very helpful.  We enjoyed the museum, the car tour, and a fascinating tour of the nearby US National Cemetery.  We had a lovely day for our visit--cooler temps and perfect picnicking weather!  I definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance!  It's in the quaint little town of Dover, TN which is actually over 200 years old.  

Friday was our third co-op meeting for this semester.  I taught about Jackson Pollock in our art class.  Then everyone got to splatter paint their own canvas--lots of messy fun!!  Each art class period seems like a stressful whirlwind to me as I attempt to talk about the artist for a few minutes plus have plenty of time to create our project.  I'm always worn out afterwards, but the kids seem to love it and I'm so glad.

Our other co-op classes went well also, especially Buzzwords where my friend Brandi has managed to actually make spelling FUN!  This week they were divided into teams to write a short stories using words from their spelling lists (which they are busy studying, btw, to prepare for our upcoming very-first spelling bee!).  Below is a picture of Mr. B's team reading their story aloud.  

The weekend has been fun and relaxing with my family as they blessed me with lot of fun birthday surprises: cookie cake, Panera's, a new Keruig, a lovely monogrammed wooden pumpkin for my door...  It's been a great birthday!    

And now I'm off to lesson plan and get ready for school to begin all over again in the morning!  

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