28 September 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 4}

Where in the world are these weeks going?!  Somebody tell me, please!!  They are flying by way too quickly!  

The highlight of our week was celebrating International Homeschool Spirit Week with our local homeschool group.  So much fun!  

We celebrated with:
  • PJ Day on Monday
  • Crazy Hair Day on Tuesday
  • Volunteer Day on Wednesday (our kiddos worked at our church)
  • School Away From Home Day on Thursday (we visited the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site)
  • Super Hero Day on Friday (my kids were "Flame Boy" and "Super Cozy")
And just so you don't think it was all rainbows and butterflies this week, it got off to a pretty bumpy start on Monday with some terrible, horrible, awful bad attitudes.  So ...I loaded up the kids and made them run drills on a local soccer field.  

Things improved after that.  ;)

We also wrapped up our fall co-op session on Friday.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching 'Exploring Great Artists' this time around!  We've had a great time time learning about George Seurat, Jean Dubuffet, Jackson Pollock, and Alexander Calder (a personal new fave!).  I'm working on a post about the art projects we did--coming soon!  

I hope your week has been awesome as well!  

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