25 October 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {week 8}

Well, the first quarter of our school year is almost over!  Yea!!

This has been one of those weeks where we were all a little tired, there was some sickness, and there wasn't a lot of exciting stuff on the calendar ...but we stayed the course and got a lot done.  Love that feeling of accomplishment!

On our "Fun Friday" we had our devotional time, did some Life of Fred, played some American trivia, worked on stories with our Story Cubes, and then wrapped up with some leaf painting.  

We had seen these cute illustrations in the current issue of Family Fun magazine and thought this would be a fun project to try--and they were!  I even did one :)  

Just find some pretty autumn leaves around your yard or on a nature walk, grab some tempera paints and fine-tipped brushes, and paint some fun woodland creatures on your leaves!  

Can you see the animals on these leaves?

Then we ended our day with a family movie (Soul Surfer), some pizza, and these yummy caramel apple cupcakes that my awesome hubby whipped up for us!  

What did you do this week?


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!
We like to do something Fun on Fridays as well.
Those cupcakes look great!
Do you have a recipe that you can share? Thanks!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

The hubs actually used a Duncan Hines mix :) But I wasn't complaining...lol

Anonymous said...

Haha...of course not!