18 December 2014

Inscribed Studies {a review}

I was pretty excited recently to have the opportunity to review the new set of books from InScribed Studies.  I have to admit that I was not at all familiar with InScribed Studies, but I was intrigued by these titles and subtitles.  I occasionally lead Bible studies for women at our church and am often overwhelmed--and underwhelmed--by the studies find.  So I was excited to check these out ...and I was not disappointed!

Just RISE UP! by Sarah Francis Martin is an incredible study focused on 'a call to make Jesus famous'.  Sarah writes in such a disarming and easy tone and shares from a very personal place.  She dives deep into Psalm 145 as she tackles topics like living a life of praise, having a kingdom perspective, humility, influence, and more.  Sarah challenges her readers to allow this study to be a 'catalyst toward meaningful conversations between you and the Lord'.  

I absolutely love how she has designed this book to guide you into those 'meaningful conversations'.  Each chapter contains five different journal prompts that are chock-full of meaty questions that go way below the surface.  Also included at the end of the journal prompts are prayer prompts to further encourage your time our Heavenly Father. 

Inseparable by Ashley Linne is a wonderful study all about 'who I am, was, and will be in Christ'.  This is an incredible study through the book of Romans.  Ashley actually has chapter/verses from Romans printed out right into her chapters, truly encouraging the reader to dig deeper into God's Word.  At the end of each chapter there is a section titled 'Step into the Story' where you are encouraged in five areas: prayer, the big picture, context, the original audience, and standout moments.  There are also great additional resources in the appendix.  

I love that Ashley looks at the Scriptures both from the original audience's point of view and also applies the Biblical truths to our lives today.  This is a great book for a new believer, but also wonderful for the mature Christian as well.  We all must remember and know our identity in Christ.  

Barren Among the Fruitful by Amanda Hope Haley is one deeply, heartfelt book that so many women can identify with.  It tackles the heartbreaking subject of infertility.  

My husband and I struggled with infertility for several years early in our marriage and I so wish I could have had a book like this to comfort my aching soul.  Infertility is not always a topic that is easy for people to share about.  It often seems shameful or just too painful to bring up.  When you do meet someone you can talk to it is such a relief and balm for your soul.  

In this study Amanda tackles some tough stuff and includes much in the way of practical advice as well as hope and encouragement to the reader.  I love that she titled her chapters with all of the cliche things that people often thoughtlessly say to those who are struggling with infertility.  Throughout each chapter there are also the stories of so many others sharing their own journey.  At the end of each chapter there are several thought-provoking questions for the reader.  


I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and excited to have found this incredible series by inScribed.  I am looking forward to sharing these book with the women in my life--at my church and even in my homeschool group--as I have the opportunity.  

If you are looking for a new study for yourself or possibly to lead others in, this would be a wonderful place to begin.  I would highly recommend checking out their website to see what all they have to offer!  

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