24 March 2015

Time, Please Slow Down!

Happy 12th Birthday to our Princess!!

(isn't this an awesome hat/card that my sister got her?!)

Yesterday our oldest turned 12.  
It's hard to believe how quickly time flies by.
It seems like just yesterday I was getting her nursery ready 
and buying all of those tiny clothes.

She has grown into a lovely young woman and we are SO proud of her!!
She is a joy to have for a daughter.

We had a great day together.  
First, we had some lunch and played games 
...and acted silly at Chuck E. Cheese.  
Then we went to see the new Cinderella movie (wonderful!).
We squeezed in a bit of shopping (birthday $$, you know!) 
and finally, we met up with my family for a birthday dinner at Olive Garden.

And posed for a few funny shots after dinner :)

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!

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