10 April 2015

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 29}

I don't know about you, but I think spring fever has hit our house.  It has been a struggle to focus around here!  I can remember when I was in school and the weather began to warm up, it was SO hard to think about my lessons.  And when you're at home I can only imagine how much harder it is for my kids to focus on these warm and sunny spring days when they're just dying to get out and play.  So I'm trying to be much more flexible these days and remind myself that it just as important as their studies some days.

In fact, I feel as though I am in a process of relearning how to teach my children.  Their learning styles are growing and developing and I am learning so much more about how they learn--especially my son.  Since discovering some of his learning struggles I am having to rethink how I do things with him.  Even small changes can make big differences and get much better results!  I have to say that this past week and a half have been SO MUCH better than maybe the whole year thus far has been.

This may be the year that I truly come to grips with the reality that we don't have to do everything in our curriculum, too.  Not that we actually do everything.  But mostly everything.  But I'm being more realistic this year and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

This week our homeschool group hosted our 2nd annual Literature Fair.  So we have primarily focused on our projects for that for the past few days.

The Princess did her project on The Case of the Counterfeit Coin: a Brains Benton Mystery.  Mr. B did his on The Lemonade War.

My daughter had a difficult time just narrowing her choice down to one because she (like me) has so many favorite books!  My son needed a lot more encouragement (like me saying "you have to participate") but in the end he got excited since he'd just read this book and did a great job on his as well.  He especially enjoyed serving lemonade at his display board:)

Now I'm ready for a relaxing weekend after a busy week!  I just might be in my pj's by 6pm on a Friday tonight!  LOL

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