22 May 2015

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 35}

Whoo hoo!!  We are down to just one week left in our '14-'15 school year!!  I.am.so.ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been so very hard these past few weeks to stay focused until the end of the year.  We are all ready for that summer break.  I have to say the kids have done a great job this week of hunkering down and just getting the job done though.  Proud of them!

Last week we had a friend in town for a couple of days so we took Monday off from book work and headed to the Land Between the Lakes to hang out for a while.  It's always fun there!  We walked around Hematite Lake and then visited The Homeplace for a while--where my son nearly wore out the ducks and chickens chasing them around:)  LBL is one of our fave recreation areas!

We are still in the middle of our human anatomy study for this year.  It's taken longer than I planned but that's okay.  We'll just pick back up in the fall.  We are currently studying all about the brain--so interesting!  The kiddos make "brain hats" this week which detail what is going on in each part of our heads.  You can find a link for this here.

Speaking of our school curriculum ...I think this is the year where I truly come to terms with the fact that it's okay to not finish every single lesson.  I have been streamlining and focusing on the most important stuff for the remainder of our year.  I probably should have done this sooner.  This is the end of our 7th year of homeschooling and I'm still learning things! ;)

You might remember me mentioning The Princess' book club last summer.  She and her friends have continued through the school year and have no plans to stop.  We love our book club!!  It's a wonderful group of girls and they have so much fun together--and us moms enjoy our time, too!  

Mostly the girls just meet and discuss their books, play some games, and just hang out, but occasionally they do a project together.  This month the host mom organized a painted canvas craft where they each had a canvas and they all chose some paints.  Then they had a timer set so that they rotated around the table to the next canvas every 2 minutes.  That way everyone painted on all of the canvases and they took home the one they ended with.  Lots of fun!  

Mr. B has patiently tagged along on a few book club outings and also stayed behind to hang out with dad for some as well.  I think I've found the perfect counterpart for him though--Homeschool Lego Club through Currclick.  He absolutely loves Legos and this virtual club "meets" each month (various days/times are offered) where a teacher leads with a lesson on that month's theme.  May was our first month to participate and he loved it!  This month's theme was the rain forest.  He had a blast with the build:

Our homeschool group's yearbooks came in this past week!  We'll be handing them out at our Field Day this coming Friday.  I am so excited about them this year!  The students did an amazing job of choosing the theme and executing it.  They chose a comic book look and one of our group's students actually did the cover art.  The superhero theme throughout the book was a lot of fun to do and turned out great!  This was my 3rd year as yearbook sponsor and by far the easiest!  The yearbook students really worked hard!

And that pretty much catches up to this week for homeschooling!  Have a great weekend!

P.S.  I'd love for you to pop over to this page to check out a giveaway of an amazing book that is happening here!  

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Jessy Gaffen said...

Us too! Our last day is May 29th. Portfolio reviews are the next day...And then SUMMER! With the weather warmer and sunnier, it's hard to stay focused when you can do stuff like kayak and soon swim. Those brain "hats" are awesome! A fun idea! A yearbook? I never thought about that, but we haven't been involved with a group for several years now. I miss that!