08 May 2015

We {heart} Legos: Our Lego Kids Fest experience

So a few weeks ago we were able to take our family to a Lego Kids Fest in Nashville.  These are happening in various cities around the country and if you're able to go to one I highly recommend doing that!  It was SO MUCH FUN!! 

The tickets were for a four hour time slot and I have to say that I really didn't think we'd need to stay that long ...but we could have stayed longer!  There was an incredible amount of things to do and see.  I took, like, a thousand pictures ...which I have so graciously pared down to some faves here for you ;)

This event included activities like: the brick battle zone, a Lego pizza relay race, Lego car racing, Creation Nation, thebiggestLegobrickpileyou'veeverseen, the art gallery, and tons more.  There were special build areas for everybody's favorite lines: Star Wars, Bionicle, Lego Friends, Lego Disney, Mixels ....and a special family build area with a monochromatic theme (ours was purple).  

And then there are the oh-so-amazing Lego creations on display!  They were EVERYwhere!!  And they were the coolest!  One whole section is designated as a "model museum".  

One of my favorite parts was the Master Builders Lab where we got to meet a couple of real, authentic, Lego Master Builders (2 of 8 in the world!) ...and get this: they were a father and son team!  How fun is that?!  

My kiddos could not have had more fun!  They came home with fun freebie sets from quite a few of the activities and build areas, too.  Yes, our house is throwing up Legos these days.  But that's okay, there are worse hobbies, right?  Our family truly does love Legos!

So, yes, if a Lego Kids Fest is coming near you and you have any Lego lovers in your family ...you should totally go!!

Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored in any way or form by Lego (although how cool would that be?!) and I paid full price for our family's tickets to attend this event.  We simply love Legos and completely encourage Lego play in our household ;)

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