10 June 2015

My Kids' Summer Reading Challenge '15

Summer break is in full swing around here and we are at it again with our Summer Reading Program!  Last summer I decided to develop a little system all of our own and it was a big hit--so much so they couldn't wait to begin again this summer.  

It's really simple: 
  • They get to fill in a spot on their reading bingo charts each time they read for 25 minutes (yes, I upped the time by 5 minutes this year).
  • Every time they bingo they earn a coupon (things like: choose your fave dinner, buy one thing at the dollar store, go bowling, a family bike ride...  primarily these are free experiences or very cheap treats).
  • When they black-out their bingo chart they get to pick a golden ticket (these are things like: $10 at Books-A-Million, something from 5Below, a trip to our local froyo place...  things that cost a bit more but not too much either)
  • Every week they get paid .01 per page of every book that they've finished during that week and recorded in their reading log.

And I've added one more thing this summer: they have a summer Bible reading guide that they must keep up with in order to earn their money for books read.  

So far they are little, reading maniacs and I'm nearly $20 poorer after the first week of the program!  But I'm all about reading and I'm so happy they love it, too.

I'd love to hear what you do to encourage your kiddos to read through the summer...

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