16 June 2015

Summer Scrapbooking Goals


Here I go again with my summer school scrapboooking goals!  Last year I failed miserably and got nothing accomplished other than ordering a few photos.  This year I am much more determined ...and I have a plan! :)  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to have a plan!  

My plan is to get one grade for one kiddo done each week this summer.  For instance, the first week of June I was scheduled to do The Princess' K5 pages.  This past I was scheduled to do Mr. B's K5 pages.  This week will be The Princess' 1st grade pages ...and so on, back and forth, until I'm current.  

OK.  I admit, I'm a week behind already.  

BUT I did get The Princess' K5 pages completed!!  Whoo hoo!!  And I'm planning to make up some time this week and maybe get back on my schedule :)  

I think once I get into a good rhythm I'll start moving more quickly.  Can't wait to be totally caught up!!  

A word to the wise: don't do what I've done and get 7 years behind.   


Sheryl at LibertyHillHouse.com said...

You are smart to set goals - 7 years worth of scrapbooking would have me crying in the corner.

You can do it!!!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I've always worked well under pressure....apparently! LOL ;)