07 June 2016

Planning, Sorting, Purging, Organizing

It's summertime!  And for our family that means a break from schooling for the kids and lots of planning for the next year for me.

Of course, for me, that is something of a domino effect.  Planning means sorting curriculum and books that I already have.  Then I have to purge books we no longer need or want to keep.  And finally comes the organizing of what's being kept (which is always too much).  

So that's what I've been working on for the past few days.  Cleaning off shelves, making piles of books to sell, piles of books and resources to give away, and since I've put this off for so long ...a piles of my kiddos' used-up books that I need to take samples from for their portfolios then dispose of the rest.  

So a lot of piles.  

I am trying to be a bit more ruthless this year with the purging.  I have such a tendency to collect lots of great resources, only to put them on a shelf and forget about them all together.  And that helps no one, right?  I've already found several resources I could have used this past school year but had forgotten that I had them.  Bummer.  Oh well.

This summer I also continue the oh-so-belated project that I began last year: school scrapbooks for each of my kids.  Thankfully there are only two of them!  ha!  I figure if I keep plugging away at this rate I can give them as their wedding presents.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  

I'm not only busy planning for our family's homeschool for the upcoming year but also for our homeschool group.  This will be my second year to serve as the co-op director--a job I really enjoyed last year (at least, most of the time...lol).  So planning sessions for that and for our homeschool group in general begin this month!  Oh, yeah--I have a pile or two of things for those meetings as well ;)  

In the midst of all of this is some summer FUN though!  I've written a few reminder words for us on our chalkboard (probably more for me than for the kids).  Summer vacation is a good thing!

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