25 June 2008

Another Shamless Plug

OK, once again I'm shamelessly promoting my hubby's videos. He's in the semi-finals for the Klondike Bar contest. If you'd like to help him (us) out, you can:

  1. register for free
  2. give his video an awesome rating!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kari said...

loved Mr. B with the bat! lol!

PinkDaisyGirl said...

I just went over and gave Vince 5 stars. I won't put a spoiler in here, but anybody who can do the first scene, or pretend to, deserves that. It was very creative. Hope you win!

What ever happened with the *sync* video? I thought that one was really good.

Rachel said...

hahaha FUnnnny :) that was full of laughs.