25 June 2008

Good Stuff

Just thought I'd pass along some links to some recent posts that might be helpful for newer bloggers (like ME). These have some awesome tips for us all.

~BooMama shares some of what she talked about at SheSpeaks here.

~The gals over at Blissfully Domestic help you narrow down the focus of your blog.

I've also found Blogging Basics 101 to be very helpful when I've had questions about blogging.

Have a blessed day!


Kari said...

Ohio sounds good to me. I don't remember much about the state anymore. =)

PinkDaisyGirl said...

Thanks for these tips. They'll be useful to me as a new blogger too. I lurked for a while before I actually started my blog. I think it was the perfectionist in me.

Thanks for the book recommendations too. I thought I had seen at least one of the "Cat Who" books on the super sale table at our Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago, but I didn't know anything about it and passed on it. I had to go run some errands out that way today, and there were actually two different hardcover ones on the bargain table, so I picked them up, plus a paperback with all three of the first books in it.

Gilbert Morris has a fun murder mystery cat series.

I collect the Hardy Boys too. We have about half of them right now.

~ Kayren

Kelli said...

Thank you for the helpful links, Lora! I also wanted to say thank you for the sweet anniversary wishes!