24 July 2008

A Beautiful Friendship

Lora & Karlene

You know those friendships where it might be months or even years since you were able to really connect with an old friend, but when you finally do its as if no time has passed and your friendship just continues naturally as you catch up on things? Well, my friend Karlene is one of those friends for me.

We first met in college when we were dating guys who were already good friends and we began hanging out together--plus we discovered that we both lived in the same dorm (the next year we became roommates). It was just a natural, easy friendship from the start. Karlene is the *life-of-the-party* type and is so friendly and thoughtful that she just makes everyone around her feel right at ease.

our families together at Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL

Though the years have taken us different places and we've experienced life events at different times (she was married 5 years before I got married and had her first child 6 years before I had mine) our friendship has remained. And although we married men that the other didn't know, we all click so well! Our husbands have so much fun together and our children, although different ages, got along great.
at the Helen Keller birthplace

I was so impressed with her children! I'd only had the chance to meet them once before when they were just babies. I thought they might be a little bored with my kiddos, since they are ages 9 and 11 (and mine are just 3 and 5), but they couldn't have been sweeter with them. They all played so well together and had so much fun. They even read to them each night at bedtime--it was the cutest thing! I enjoyed seeing my children looking up to such great kids--what role models!

reading bedtime stories together

Oh--and Vince put them all in a video while they were here, too! Check it out here.

Just a funny note on the meals that I planned ahead: the taco meal that I made for Monday night turned out so HUGE that we barely made a dent in it that night! It was so funny! We ended up having it again for lunch on Tuesday and we were still too full by dinner time to have the chicken spaghetti. I ended up making that last night instead. And no one really wanted big breakfasts, so I never made the French toast and the farmer's casserole. I'm going to make those soon though! And I'm going to get those recipes posted later today. Right now I'm off to take Mr. B for a check up. His chicken pox are much better now, especially after 3 nights of oatmeal baths.

Have a blessed day! I'll be back later!


Betsy said...

I have a few girlfriends like that...just a few...they truely are rare beauties! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with them! Hope Mr. B feels better real soon!

Nancy said...

I love those kind of friendships! I do remember Karlene...but just vaguely. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful visit together. How nice that your families get along so well!