10 July 2008

The Frazzled Female: A Book Review

Some of you may remember that I won this book awhile back from Reese & Heather at
Kicking it in Crazyville. I had several books on the proverbial nightstand at the time, so I just recently had the chance to read it.

This was a very good read: for all women, not just wives and/or mothers (I realize that alot of women's books can be strictly geared toward wives and mothers).
It is perfect for the busy...errr..frazzled woman though. The chapters are short and direct, its an easy read. This is not to say there's no depth though. It tackles some tough subjects for women: priorities, attitudes, time management, stress, drawing near to God. I also liked that each chapter ended with a couple of challenging questions for the reader to ponder.

Thanks, Reese & Heather, for passing along this great read!


Nancy said...

sounds like a great read...and oh, so appropriate! I'll have to check it out! (After the 15 books currently on my 'reading list' of course!)

Heather & Reese said...

I'm glad you liked it! I know I did.