13 August 2008

Pray For Baby Zoe

My friend Nancy's sister went into labor at 34 weeks on Monday and delivered Baby Zoe early. There are complications that you can read about here. He is having problems releasing urine, possibly due to a bladder issue and there is a bleed on his brain. Please pray for Baby Zoe to be totally healed, for his mom Carmen as she recovers from an emergency c-section and for his family in general as they are coping with excitement over this precious new life and also much concern for his health. If you would like to leave an encouraging message for the family, drop by Baby Zoe's site.


Nancy said...

Lora, thank you so much for posting this...we are all praying and believing for complete healing!

Elizabeth said...

My prayers go out to baby Zoe and her family.
This is such a terrible/joyful time for them.
May God grant them the strength to go on.

Merrimom said...

Praying for baby Zoe to make a full recovery!

Rachel said...

many prayers and best wishes.