26 February 2009

A Little More Organizing

The other day while getting my files all organized for this year, I decided it was time to also clean off the catch-all space in our house. Every house has one, right?! Ours is the countertop/bar area in the kitchen right by the back door. It seems like there's always a pile of *stuff* there: mail, coupons, you-name-it...
So I thought putting some sort of something to contain the chaos might be just the thing. That way we can still toss things on the counter--but only in the designated spot so the junk is all contained instead of scattered all over the counter.
I looked around and found this tray that my mom had given me several years before. Isn't it pretty?
I think it's going to work nicely! If we can just be disciplined enough to remember to use it:) It'll almost be a miracle if we can actually keep the countertop this neat all the time:
Do you have a space in your house where all of the junk pile up? What do you do about it?


green mom for Jesus said...

Good golly,
I just went through my junk pile on the kitchen counter a few hours ago also!
It's one of those places I keep saying I'm going to get a nice tray or wall box for and then don't.
When company comes, we move the pile to our bedroom dresser!
How beautiful is that?
Maybe this is a good project for Lent.
God bless,

Kari said...

Good luck with that! My drop spot, of course is my stairwell, but I do have that beautiful antique leaf tray from Grandma that I use as a change/small-random-item catchall. =)

Betsy said...

I did the same thing a year or so ago. The spot in our home is my desk in the kitchen. I put a tray where the pile was and it does help it seem more contained! I also make myself go through the entire tray once a week and purge everything. Your tray is beautiful!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

What a pretty tray, and are those still your Aldi flowers?

You know, I've had a basket or tray or something usually to be my catchall. I don't have one right now. I haven't figured out the hot spot in this house yet. I go through my mail as soon as I walk in the door and take care of it immediately, so right now that's not an issue. Hubby carries his keys and stuff upstairs here, so that's not either, so maybe we won't have to have one...of course that's wishful thinking.

I do have a spot on that little counter in my kitchen right when you walk in by my refrigerator with a little basket and a bucket of pens, pencils, and scissors. It's kind of like my launching spot. The basket holds note pads and stuff. That's the closest thing I have right now.

Nancy said...

You have ONE catch-all spot? We have several! ;) Right now our "office" has been condensed to a computer armoire...it's nice b/c it keeps it all contained, but I like to stack things until "I get a chance to go through it" (usually a couple months later!) So my stuff usually overflows and gets stacked on top of the armoire. We also have a wall shelf in our kitchen by the phone for odds-and-end phone stuff. That's much easier to keep cleaned out for some reason.