30 July 2009


Tonight wrapped up the convention here in San Cristobal de las casa (I think that is a beautiful name for a city). It has been a very full three days! I actually did not make the final service this evening, because the kiddos were just worn out. The three of us stayed at the hotel and I tucked them early.

a view from the convention host church's balcony

making friends

Mr B. all tuckered out

Our typical daily convention schedule (and I use the term* schedule* loosely, as the Mexicans do as well) has been: breakfast at 8am, morning sessions beginning at 9:45am and going until 2pm (there were 4 speakers in that time frame), lunch after that followed by a couple of free hours, then the evening service beginning at 6 or so and going until 9:30 or so followed by a very late dinner (remember what I said about the meal times here?).
After that we all simply pass out in bed!

Today, however, was the banquet honoring my parents’ 40 years of ministry here in Chiapas. And I must say, they completely out did themselves! It was amazing! We partied all afternoon! And Mexicans know how to party, I’m telling you! The culture here is so fun-loving and joyful, it makes for great celebrations. They transformed the sanctuary of the church into a banquet hall complete with beautiful fresh flower arrangements, balloons and lovely table settings. The food was absolutely delicious! They served wonderful shrimp, fish and roast beef dishes followed by wonderful cake (I have certainly not lost any weight on this trip!). But the highlight of the day was the amazing program they had put together for the occasion.

the lovely tablescapes

the traditional dancers (isn't that tiny one adorable?!)

traditional marimba players

There were ladies performing traditional Southern Mexico dances in traditional dress (wonderful!). The musicians and singers in the church performed song after song in traditional Mexican style (which I love, by the way!). And even though we were all a little deaf afterwards—they love their music LOUD here—it was so much fun!!

my parents with their special cake

aren't these beautiful girls?!

They made several special presentations to my parents and many kind and loving words were said. I am so deeply moved by the great love shown to my entire family. Even as I write this, tears fill my eyes as I think of these people who are the most loving and generous that I have ever known. They are like family to my family. And even though I haven’t personally been here in years, I know all of their names and because my dad talks of them so often, I feel as if I do know them all. Chiapas, Mexico holds a very special place in his heart—in all of our hearts. Although my dad travels the globe ministering in more nations that I can even remember, this is the very first place he came on his very first trip out of the USA 40 years ago and the friendships he has made here are priceless treasures. These are truly a beautiful people.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That looks like so much fun! I think it's wonderful what they did for your parents, and I love seeing the colorful pictures of the celebration. I'm sure you'll have lots more to share when you get back. Can't wait!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful tribute to your parents! Your Dad looked so pleased. Congratulations to him for this wonderful well deserved honor!