29 June 2010

Shoebox Phonics

It's been a while since I've talked about homeschooling, but we're on summer break, ya know?:) I have had a few things I've been wanting to share with you though and Shoebox Phonics is one of them.

The concept given in the book is to create shoebox *learning centers* for different aspects of learning phonics. One of the moms in our homeschool group taught a class from this book during our Spring co-op session and Mr. B just loved it. Of course, he absolutely loves anything that's a *craft*, so this was right up his alley. Each week the students got to create their own phonics game or activity in a shoebox to bring home. Each shoebox was very unique and fun. We enjoyed using them over again with Mr. B's phonics lessons at home. If you're looking for something to liven up phonics with your child, this book would be a great investment for you!

Here are a few of our boxes:

1. *Button Up With Words* was created by gluing each letter of the alphabet on buttons and then using them to create words.

2. *Letters For Lunch* involved the different sounds of the letters *s* and *c*. They used play food to make "lunches" of foods beginning with the same sounds.

3. *Short Vowel Bee Buzz* was probably my favorite. We used it a lot while learning the different vowel sounds.

So there you are, just a fun, informal *review*.

If you homeschool, are you schooling through the summer or do you take a break?



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The combination of these two methods has been used in the Children Learning Reading program to successfully teach thousands of young children to read. So what are these methods?

It is the combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness. Most have probably heard of phonics, but phonemic awareness is a concept less well known and ?it's not something you hear about often. Certainly, phonics is absolutely necessary to develop fluent reading skills; however, there are different types of phonics including embedded, analogy, analytical, and synthetic phonics. While using some type of phonics is better than not including any phonics instructions at all, you will achieve FAR BETTER results by employing synthetic phonics, which is by far the most easy and effective method for teaching reading. Multiple studies support this.

In a 7 year study conducted by the Scottish Education Department, 300 students were taught using either analytic phonics or synthetic phonics. The results found that the synthetic phonics group were reading 7 months ahead and spelling 8 to 9 months ahead of the other phonics groups. At the end of the 7 year study, the children were reading 3.5 years ahead of their chronological age.

Very impressive!

Through their amazing reading program, the creators (Jim & Elena - parents of 4 children and reading teachers) have taught all of their children to read phonetically by 3 years old and have helped thousands of parents to successfully teach their children to read as well! Some are small 2 or 3 year old toddlers, others are young 4 or 5 year old preschoolers, and still others at ages 6, 7, 8 or even older.

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The Children Learning Reading program works so well that many children will achieve reading ages far ahead of their chronological age.

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