06 July 2010

Summer's Bounty

While I'm waiting for things in my oh-so-late-summer garden to, you know, do something, I've made a couple of trips to the farmers market. Is it just me or do other people practically drool when they see all of those fresh, colorful veggies so charmingly displayed? I can hardly contain myself! I want it all!!

Everything is so pretty and looks so delicious and my imagination just goes crazy thinking of all the yummy stuff I could make with all those veggies. And then I just buy what I can't resist.

Today it was okra, baby cucumbers, new potatoes ("just dug 'em out yesterday, ma'am"), cherry tomatoes, squash, green beans and peaches. Plus I'd already hit up our neighborhood lady who sells from her driveway to get some big juicy tomatoes and jalapenos yesterday. Mmmmmm......
The cherry tomatoes will be snack food for my kiddos~they love them so much! I plan to fry up some okra and make a pot of those green beans with new potatoes. The squash, cucumbers and tomatoes are going in my batch of gazpacho that I can hardly wait to make (I've been craving that stuff ever since the last batch a couple of weeks ago...have you ever eaten it with tostada shells? Oh.My.Goodness.).

And I'm thinking, maybe a peach pie?? What's your favorite thing to make with peaches?

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