19 August 2010

My Kiddos' Book Recommendations

This has definitely been a summer of reading for my children! I shared in an earlier post that they have participated in several reading challenges, reading over 50 books between them. I've been very proud of them! Plus they've won some cool prizes.

My daughter's current passion is The Magic Tree House series. She has read nearly the entire series this summer. I think she just has a few left to go in our library book basket.

When asked which was her favorite and why she would recommend it she said, "Lions at Lunchtime is my favorite because it happens in Africa! And you should read it because it's so interesting!"

My son is a little more fickle, having more like a favorite book-a-day. His current obsession is a grouping of books that were actually mine when I was a child. (You can see all the tape on the bindings). His absolute favorite is The Mickey Mouse Make-It Book though. He adores crafts of just about any kind and this is a book full of simple crafts. He made two yesterday and has already made one today so far. Can you tell he likes to work with his hands?

Both of my children love to be read to as well, they always have. We have a time of family reading each day, generally before bedtime. During school though we sometimes have a second time during the day as well.
We are currently reading through the Little House series; we're on The Little Town on the Prairie...almost to the end. We have all really enjoyed them. Although I have a whole list of books just waiting for family reading time {grin}.

We also read from a Bible story series each night. We use the books that my parents read to me as a child, The Bible Story books. It has been so much fun to read through them again with my children. My parents read to me regularly long after I could read for myself and I treasure those times. We probably read through this series 4 or 5 times (there are 10 books!) in my childhood years. As I read the Bible now as an adult, I often recall pictures and illustrations from these books.

Today The Homeschool Village is discussing our children's favorite books, hop over and find out what other children are reading~and join in!


Paisley Parmer said...

Love the Little House series, we have the first to start in our home this year sometime.

Layton Family Joy said...

Hi Lora - thanks for joining us this week. my son (and myself) LOVE the Magic Tree House books!! We wrap an entire unit study around one of these books and the Resource Guides!!

thanks again for linking up!
the hsv

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Hi, I can SO relate to you - my mom saved all my old Mickey Mouse, Seasame Street, Cat & the Hat Books & Bernstain Bears books from when I was a kid. Isn't it great to share them with our children? Visiting you from The Homeschool Village, nice to meet you! Signed up to follow your blog, I invite you to come visit & follow back! Enjoy the rest of your week! :) <><

Susan said...

Oh, Lora, how I love Little House! :) My big guy totally inhaled all of the Magic Treehouse stories... makes a great birthday party theme, btw!! :)

Jamie said...

What a day,this is the best way NOT to celebrate back to school.My son really enjoys the Little House on the Prarie books,I just found the younger ones at the library ans they were perfect for him to read on his own.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Loved the Little House books and my son loved the Magic Tree House!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to find that Mickey Mouse Make-It Book for my son. I think he would love it. :)