12 September 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Sept 13th

This week is our 2nd week of school, so I need to be as organized as possible since it's only getting busier from here on out! I usually only plan dinners and then wing it for breakfast and lunch, but that's not the greatest plan anymore. I'm still going to plan specific dinners for each night, but I'm going to make a list of breakfasts and lunches to choose from. Suggestions and ideas are what I need when breakfast and lunch roll around because I'm usually so sleepy in the mornings and so busy at noon that I just don't have time to think creatively about food at those times. Maybe this will help.

Do you plan each of your meals each day or dinner only?

  • Ranch Chicken Salad & Crackers
  • Tortilla Pizzas
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • PB&J Sandwiches
  • Dinner Leftovers

Monday: Beef Veggie Soup with Cornbread
Tuesday: My Grandma's Not-Your-Typical Goulash
Wednesday: Tostadas
Thursday: Jambalaya Rice with Sausage
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: tbd

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Amber said...

I plan all three meals too. It is so much easier to grocery shop when I have in mind what to have each day. I LOVE MEAL planning. It's a wonderful thinG!

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

ahh!! i just read your toast recipe entry!! hilarious and never heard of making it that way!! so excited to try!!!! wooot!

Lisa said...

We love canned biscuit doughnuts! Such a creative way to cook plain old biscuits.

Deb said...

I don't really plan meals as far as what we will eat on a daily basis, but I always have a ton of food in the freezer to pull out and eat.

A few months ago I made 13 dozen muffins for breakfasts. In July, I made almost 80 dinner meals for my freezer. Thaw and eat, that's what I'm talking about. See my blog for freezer-friendly recipes.