01 September 2010

Thoughts and Plans for Autumn

Happy September!!

I am SO happy that Fall is almost here. It has been one hot, long summer and it's made me long for my favorite season even more. I've been making a list (you know I love lists!) of all the fun things I want to do this Fall with my family. I realize we'll not get them all done, but it will be fun to do as many as we can to enjoy the season.
I'd love to hear about your plans for Fall!


Amber said...

Wow! Sounds like great fun!I grew up in the Northeast part of OK, so I am very familiar with a lot of the events you mentioned. We were close enough to AR that War Eagle and a few other thinsg were big events for us too!

steviewren said...

You've got some great ideas for autumnal fun. I had to look up geocaching though. I'd love to hear more about that if you guys do it.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Lora,

Thank you for visiting my blog--it's so nice to meet you.

I love, love, love autumn! Unfortunately, we live in Florida, land of zero autumn. So, we try to visit up north (Michigan) every October, where we get to do some of the things on your fun list.

My absolute favorite fall activity is visiting cider mills to sip hot apple cider and eat warm, fresh donuts. Yum!

Kari said...

The new layout looks great! (I can see it now--haha)