03 October 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Oct 4th

Ahh, it feels like Fall is here to stay...finally! And with the cooler temps comes a whole new lineup of menu plans for me. There are some things that I just don't enjoy when the weather is too warm, but they are total comfort food in the cooler seasons.

For example, this past week I made chili for the first time this season. It was super yummy and really hit the spot! It's a pretty basic chili recipe, but I jazzed it up a bit by putting in smoked paprika in place of sweet paprika. Mmmmm! I love smoked paprika!! Also the ranch mac & cheese recipe was a hit! That is some serious comfort food, I'm tellin' ya!

I didn't get the Slow Cooker 20 Garlic Chicken made last week though, so that has been bumped to this week. It should be the perfect thing to let cook all day while I'm on the Girl Scout hike with The Princess.

Here's to a week of yummy comfort food!

Monday: Hamburgers Diane with Baked Potatoes and a Veggie
Tuesday: Slow Cooker 20 Garlic Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and a veggie
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Grandma's Chicken & Dumplings
Friday: Pizza Hot Dogs
Saturday: Leftovers and Snacks

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Amy said...

Oh, yum- I just checked out the Hamburgers Diane recipe and that looks delicious.

I'm in the mood for comfort food this week, too-- hence the gravy/ cube steak/ mashed potatos/ green beans meal lined up for tomorrow.

My menu is up HERE with recipe links if you'd like to take a peek.  :)

Gwen Toliver said...

Good ideas - I love to see what your menu planning ideas are!! It keeps me from standing in the pantry at 5 pm saying "Ummmmm....." :)

Dumplings are a favorite of ours too - especially on cool fall days like today!

Angela said...

I, too am SO happy it's cooling down. I've missed being in the kitchen all summer (too nauseated and it was just too hot here to bother cooking anything), but I'm finally feeling more human, and have been enjoying the few meals I've made recently. I am back to menu planning (if not blogging yet LOL!) and yours looks great! I'll have to try your chicken and dumplings recipe. I love that meal and the recipe I always used belongs to a friend's mom. It involves Crisco shortening, which I no longer use, so yours looks great to try!

gypsyreeves said...

Hi there, stopping by from HHH. Great to me ya :)