27 December 2010

One Thousand Gifts: Christmas

0391. sharing Christmas devotions together around our Jesse tree

0392. making Christmas cookies with my sweet kiddos

0393. going to bed with that satisfied feeling

0394. caroling by moonlight with friends

0395. watching just how creative my kiddos can be with their Legos

0396. getting to see the lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice

0397. my sweet mother who does so much for our family at Christmas

0398. tucking all of the gifts around the tree on Christmas Eve

0399. Christmas morning breakfast at home

0400. my totally awesome hubby who was full of surprises this Christmas

0401. the wildly excited anticipation in my children's eyes right be for opening their gifts

0402. buckeyes!

0403. my kiddos spending time with their only living great-grandparents

0404. having that quiet time early in the morning to reflect and think

0405. laughing together with my family

0406. eating those Christmas cookies

0407. stockings on Christmas morning with sleepy-eyed kiddos

0408. having fun, peaceful gatherings with our families

0409. Christmas afternoon naps

0410. the true gift of Christmas: Jesus Christ!


Loni said...

Beautiful pictures of treasured gifts! Those buckeye's look wonderful. I've never made them, but may try it sometime! Enjoyed reading!

Storybook Woods said...

A wonderful list of blessing and a good reminder for me xoxo Clarice

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

so im looking at that bacon? whats on it?

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Momma Rae~
That is *candied bacon* from Susan Branch's Christmas book. The bacon has a glaze on it made from brown sugar and mustard. SO yummy!!