08 December 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite...


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my addiction to ornaments to you before. But when I heard that Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments is hosting an ornament show and tell today, I was compelled to share some more of my addiction with you:) I just can't help it!

This is the oldest ornament on my tree. It was knitted for me by my great-aunt when I was about three or so years old. I can't even remember not having it at Christmas. It's definitely a fave!
This adorable little cottage with the red door was a gift from my hubby on our first Christmas in the first house that we owned~which incidentally had a red front door. Love it!

Blue is my favorite color and I just fell in love with this *Midnight Santa* at first sight. He is just a truly beautiful ornament.

Alvin has always had a special part in my Christmases. I had *his* Christmas record as a child and pretty much wore it out. I now own it on cd and it debuts each year at the time of the tree trimming~not a minute before either.

This teeny, tiny wooden house is one I picked up on a trip to DC. It's just as charming as can be!

This set of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph always has a special place on the tree. They are so beautiful!I love this little Italian angel my parents brought me from Rome one year. She has such a sweet face.

These are just a few of my favorites~I have many! As you can see, all different kinds of 0rnaments grace our tree. I am definitely not a *theme* person. Each year as I decorate our tree I love to remember where I got it, who gave it to me, which trip I bought it on, etc., and tell the kiddos all about them. You can read more about our Christmas tree here.

Don't forget to drop by Jolanthe's and see many more favorite ornaments!



Ellen said...

I love the frosty-looking glass ornaments. We have some, too. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I'm dropping by from the show and tell. What special ornaments you have! Loved the little house ornament with the red door. Oh, how cute! Now you have a piece of that 1st home wherever you go. Beautiful. :)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

What caught my eye was the BIG smiley face behind the Midnight Santa. Now that's a happy child. :) BTW the rest are lovely too.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Yes:) My photo ornaments are definitely faves, too!

Jolanthe said...

Love the stocking ornament and that Alvin ornament {and the reason behind it!}.

We're so going to have to do this again, because there are SO many ornaments on the tree with a story to tell!