04 February 2011

The Weekly Wrap-Up: The Snow & Ice Edition

What a crazy week!

Monday brought us yet another stomach bug for the kiddos. Bless their little hearts. We were stomach-bug-free for 5 days, then a Saturday and Sunday out and *wham bam* they got it again. Thankfully this one only lasted 24 hours and not several days like the last time. There was only a little bit of school work done between the two on Monday and Tuesday, but we managed to keep things on track.

Tuesday brought a small ice storm and a little snow. We were just on the edge of the big storm system sweeping the Midwest and East. But it was enough to keep us in for a couple of days. Because they were just getting over their stomach bugs and it was mostly nasty ice outside we didn't stop school to play outside. The Princess informed me that homeschoolers must never get *snow days*. She sounded a little disappointed, but I reminded her that we have taken one or two here and there and would have taken one this week if we hadn't had so many *sick days*. We spent a lot of time bird-watching on Tuesday, too. The winter weather seemed to really bring them out and we had quite a show.

Wednesday was a very good and productive day of school. {yea!} We even whipped up a batch of snowflake sugar cookies~so pretty and yummy! I made sure not to pack up my snowflake cookie cutters along with the others and I also kept out some pretty new blue and white sprinkles that I got in my Christmas stocking:) Have I mentioned my love for baking sprinkles? Oh my. That's a whole other post.

Thursday was another good school day. I can't say we had any big exciting projects this week, but each day we stayed the course and continued to progress. That's always good, right? I did receive two new books for Mr. B that he began this week. He started the Getty-Dubay Book B and also started a new-to-us grammar curriculum: Language Lessons for Little Ones. So far we really like it. It seems like it's a bit of review right at the beginning, but that's okay because it moves right along. I love the way it's very *Charlotte Mason* and incorporates art into the grammar lessons.

We wrapped up that day with some good ol' Cincinnati chili, a childhood fave of mine. It was good comfort food for a cold winter's night.

Friday began with snow and is ending with snow. Seriously, it has stopped snowing for maybe a total of 1 hour all day. It never snows all day long in Arkansas, but we are getting the snow today. And I just love it!!

Right after we were finished with our school work~which was shortened today because of the excitement about the snow~we headed outside with the sleds. I had this brilliant idea to sled on the road since it's a nice incline...and I saw one of the neighbors doing it the other day and it looked SO fun!

Well, I failed to realized there was still a nice little layer of ice underneath the snow. Oops. First my sister (who is with us for the weekend) busted it on the ice and then I did. I fell backwards and hit my head hard on the snowy, icy asphalt. Yeah, that's me: full of grace, I was. Thank God for a little cushion with my hat and the snow because it all happened so fast there was no recovery time. The sledding was fun while it lasted, but after those big tumbles we decided the kiddos could sled just as nicely in the (safe) backyard while we adults nursed our wounds inside in comfort. I guess the older you are, the harder you fall.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be feeling whiplash from that in the morning. It reminded me of the last time I played tag football and got tackled (don't ask).


Lynda said...

Those cookies were a little distracting, yummy. lol

What a fun week. Sorry it started out with your little ones being sick, but it sounds like all was good after that.

I hope you will join me in a little challenge I have going on over at my blog. http://lynishiskid.blogspot.com/2011/01/day-in-our-life-blog-hop-woman-of-noble.html

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracey M. said...

Wow, now that's a sled hill! It's like the one we had by our house growing up. But it was a bit scary it was so steep.
Sounds like you had a nice week. I love your sugar cookies! They look awesome.
The outdoor pictures are so great. Bird watching/feeding is a huge hobby of ours.

Nicole said...

Snow for us, too, here in Oklahoma! Looks like more for next week, too!

Leslie said...

I've got sledding hill envy! Go with the Snow: it doesn't happen all the time!

Ellen said...

Hi Lora! We didn't get any snow this time around (which is actually FINE by me!), only rain. But the sledding looks like it was fun, despite the icy spills. I love the photo of the Jenny wren (actually Carolina wren, but we call them Jenny wrens since we read the Burgess Bird Book!) at the suet feeder. The big bird news around here have been robins, seemingly milliions of them stripping the berries of my holly tree, and goldfinches, scarfing up the nyjer seed and black oil sunflower seed.

Wendi said...

Glad to hear your kids seem to be feeling better, stomach bugs are the worst!

Looks like you still had a pretty full week :)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thanks for telling me the name of that bird! We've been trying to learn the names of all the birds we're watching, but some we're still not sure of. Need to get a bird book!!:)

wdworkman said...

We've had snow/ice all week too. My daughter's college classes even got called of for a couple of days. What a great sledding hill!
Janet W