09 March 2011

I'm Such a Groupie

I don't know if you're into YouTube at all, but my family is a big fan. Mostly because of Vince. I would never keep up with that sort of thing otherwise, but he keeps me current. He has done a lot of videos for church, contests, etc. and you can check out his stuff here.

Yesterday morning we headed out for Miami, Oklahoma to meet up with some YouTube royalty, Rhett and Link. Over the weekend we discovered they are on a coast-to-coast trip and would be making a stop about 2 1/2 hours from where we live. So...of course, Vince begged and I said "sure" ...or something like that:)

Those meeting them (at no later than 8:30am...which meant I had to get up by 4:30am~I am seriously reconsidering being their fan!) were asked to bring some piece of *America* for them to take with them to use in a future video.

We brought hog noses...Razorback hog noses, of course!

We had a lot of fun meeting them~they are really great guys! And so funny and talented! It was also fun hanging out with about 40 more of their fans at the Oklahoma Visitors Center in Miami.

Oh, and if you caught my post on Sunday about a new favorite kids' video series that we are enjoying, I have to tell you they make guest appearances on them. Awesome stuff!

I leave you with one of my favorites of their many hilarious videos. Enjoy!

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