29 September 2011

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Now it's time to share Mr. B's new room with you. He has a space-themed room, with heavy overtones of Star Wars. Yes, we are Star Wars geeks around here.

First, let's begin with the *BEFORE* photo:

It was painted a rather dark shade of terra cotta, once again sucking all of the light out of the room. (I told you this house had lots of room-shrinking, dark colors).

We painted three of the walls a very light gray. The third, and largest, wall we painted a dark blue. I was a bit worried that the dark blue might be, you know, too dark. But the room looked SO much bigger once it was painted. Having the three light walls really opened it up!

My hubby finally got to use those posters he saved from back when the original three movies were re-released at the theater. And he also found a great use for his {rather large} collection of light sabers. I love the way he hung them in between the film posters, they look great!

I also found a great way to continue using our paper mache solar system from last school year. It was just too cool to toss, but we didn't really need it in our learning room this year. So the space-themed bedroom was the perfect choice. It looks really cool hanging over the head of Mr. B's bed. He likes to look at them while he's lying there.

Another little redo for this room was the nightstand. Previously, Mr. B didn't have one so I've been on the look out. Vince found this one for me on a local website and got it for $10! It was just the right size and after a coat of the same blue paint that's on the wall it looks perfect!

Here's the *BEFORE* shot of the nightstand:

Vince also whipped up this Star Wars clock for Mr. B last Christmas by redoing an old, baby-ish looking clock that had stopped keeping time. With a new clock kit, scrapbooking paper, stickers and some Mod Podge from Hobby Lobby it was like new! Turned out really great.

Mr. B also has this bookcase that is full of his treasures. I'm planning to also paint this blue as well. But as with The Princess' furniture, that will have to wait a bit.

Thanks for taking the tour of Mr. B's room with me, it's been a fun room to do! Now if I could just get those Legos organized, but that's a whole other post:)


Paris at Bless My Nest said...

what an awesome room for a little boy! especially the planets- have you seen the glow in the dark stars for the ceiling? they would make it feel like outer space. :)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Yes, the glow-in-the-dark stars are on my list of things to add:)

Kari said...

Oh, I love it! I'm sure he does, too. =)

Ellen said...

What a fabulous room! Any Star Wars fan would be ecstatic about it.