16 January 2012

The Weekly Plan {Jan 16th}

Sitting here on Sunday night, eating a bowl of beef & noodles, catching up on some blog reading, I was inspired by my friend Kathy to not just think about my weekly meal plan, but my actual plan for the week.  I am an obsessive calendar freak and love to have the lesson plans all done for my kiddos.  I also always plan out the week's dinners.  Last week I got really crazy and made myself a list of lunch ideas.  A few (very few) times I've even followed a cleaning schedule throughout the week. 

Now I've heard it said that "life is what happens while we're making plans" and that definitely rings true with me.  However, life always seems to go smoother when you have a guideline {aka: a plan} to follow, right? And I certainly need a plan this week!  I'm buried in dirty laundry, there's a sink full of dirty dishes, the pantry is nearly bare and we have lots to accomplish in school this week.  Not to mention that church kitchen I'm wanting to wallpaper and decorate, a desk full of mail/paper/whathaveyou to unbury and a mountain of ironing that is waiting on me.  Yes, I would definitely say that I need a plan.

So here goes...at least this is the beginning.  I may add to this throughout the week. 

  • Have a partial day of school doing fun, extracurricular subjects
  • Finish lesson planning for the rest of the week
  • Catch up on laundry
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Make grocery list & go grocery shopping
  • Dinner: Leftover Buffet (spaghetti, beef & noodles, loaded bbq potatoes, baked beans, potatoes w/sausages)


  • Full day of school
  • Visit the library & PO
  • Finish preparing for Wednesday night childrens' class
  • Take The Princess to sell Girl Scout cookies
  • Dinner:  Stuffed Shells with Bruschetta & Pesto Bites


  • School
  • Change all bed linens
  • Girl Scout meeting
  • Teach childrens' class at church
  • Dinner:  Chicken Tacos


  • School
  • Take The Princess to sell Girl Scout cookies
  • Pick up around the house for Small Group
  • Dinner:  Egg Rolls & Teryaki Pork Tenderloin




  • Church
  • Lunch:  Out to eat!

I'm not planning out my lunches for each day, but I am planning to make these for lunches and snacks:

So...what do you have planned for this week?


Kathy said...

LOVE your weekly plan!

One More Makes Four said...

Your weekly plan just gave me a great idea to help organize myself. Thanks!!!

Katie said...

I totally agree with you on the planning! I try not to plan every single moment, but it does help to have some guidelines in place to keep me on track.