21 February 2012

Beeyoutiful: A Review

This year I have received some wonderful homeschooling products through the TOS Homeschool Crew for my kiddos: books, games and website memberships to name a few.  However, receiving beauty/health products was a total fun surprise for me this winter!  

Beeyoutiful is a company that believes in preventative natural products. This company is Christian-owned and believes that we should be responsible for our health.  The creators of Beeyoutiful are endeavoring to sharing all of the natural remedies and health tools that they use with their own families.  And they have quite an impressive collection of products!  

The first of two products that I received was their Winter Breeze Vapor Rub.  Let me just begin here by saying that I have always been a fan of that one good ol' vapor rub from my childhood.  There is just something about the smell of menthol...I LOVE it!  Seriously, if they made menthol-scented candles this weirdo would buy them!  

Anyway, I was excited about this product, especially since it's the height of cold season and all.  I really liked that I could understand everything on the ingredients list on the label, too.  That is a very good sign!  No petroleum in this stuff!  I have been using it nightly to rub on my feet, it's done wonders for itchy dry skin.  Of course it works great for those stuffy noses, too.  I have been very impressed with this product and will continue to use it.  It retails for $18.00. 

The second product I received was their B.A.L.M. all-natural lip moisturizer.  The timing couldn't have been better because I was going nuts trying to keep my lips from being dry and cracked.  This winter has been rough on them!  I have been using this daily since it came and I have to say the results have been great!  I have not had the dryness problem that I was having since starting to use it.  Again, the ingredients label shows a wonderfully legible list of four ingredients.  This is just good stuff!  It retails for $3.00.

When you go over to check out Beeyoutiful's website you can even shop their products by health concern.    Their products are really worth checking out and I hope that you will.  They do offer a paper catalog as well, if you prefer to browse that instead.  Also, be sure to *like* their page on Facebook!

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Beeyoutiful in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  


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