22 March 2012

Action Alert: A Review

If you are a parent then I'm sure you have concerns about your children being online.  There are so many dangers on the web and we all want to protect our kiddos.  I recently had the opportunity to check out Action Alert, which specializes in protecting children from online dangers.

Action Alert offers 8 Internet Safety Tools: 
  • Access Control: shut down PC access remotely
  • Activity Notification Alerts: receive activity alerts via email or text
  • Activity Video Recording: records 60 hours of all PC activity
  • Time Allowance: set daily times when the PC can be used
  • Site Blocking: blocks unwanted and inappropriate sites
  • Content Filtering: allows only safe searches to be conducted
  • Keystroke Logging: logs usernames and passwords
  • Chat and Email Logging: log both sides of conversations

Action Alert has a totally free version that you can download instantly.  They also offer a maximum protection package for $29.99.  The maximum version offers multiple user protection, is fully customizable and has full social network monitoring.  They also offer special pricing for schools and offices.  

They have been featured on NBC's Today Show and have received awards including the iParenting Media Award and the Safe Family Seal of Approval.

Unfortunately I can't personally tell you how this product worked for me since I was unable to use it.  I downloaded the free version and it seemed to run okay for about 24 hours.  However, after that I began to experience all sorts of problems with my computer, including my browser freezing up, the start menu freezing up and my virus protection being disabled.  My husband and I finally had to do a complete safe restore, uninstalling Action Alert, and this seemed to do the trick.  

When I contacted Action Alert asking what could have possibly caused all of this, they very politely insisted that their software would cause none of the problems I had experienced.  It was suggested that I had contacted a virus around the same time as downloading their software.  While this is not impossible, I know, it did seem coincidental that my problems began with Action Alert and disappeared with Action Alert.  I am sure however that this company could not have experienced the success it has if there is not some merit to its product.  There are many benefits to having a software of this type on your family computer and I hope to possibly try it out again in the future.  

Disclaimer: I received the free version of Action Alert through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  


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