01 March 2012

Other Signs of Spring That Aren't So Welcome

Yesterday I talked about the pretty signs of spring that I've been noticing.  You know, the flowers, the budding trees, green grass...

There's one other sign of spring that has arrived that I could really do without: tornado season.

Granted, I'm quite accustomed to tornado season, but that doesn't mean that I like it.  A storm chaser I am not.

I was awakened very early Wednesday morning (like 1am!) with some crazy thunder and lightening.  I fell back to sleep pretty quickly and slept well--before children I could sleep through anything but things change after the kiddos come along.  And by the time we were getting up for the day the sky was once again looking nasty.

Having been born in and lived most of my life in Arkansas, aka: tornado alley, I'm used to the drills so I usually don't get too stressed.  My kiddos, however, get pretty worried when the mention of a tornado watch comes up.  And since the sky did look so ugly I thought we'd just grab our bean bags and camp out in our little *safe* hallway with our school books:)

Thankfully the storms passed rather quickly, as tornadic weather tends to do.  Then it was back to business as usual.  I am always very grateful when the storm passes--I have seen how merciless tornadoes can be.

I am sorry that there were so many affected by the tornadoes yesterday though.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them.  I hope that you are safe wherever you live!

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Hope Filled Living said...

So glad you guys are ok. I'm an very sorry for those who were hit by it.
Bless you,