23 March 2012

The Princess Turns 9!

 Can't believe my sweet girl turned 9 today!  I am so proud of the amazing young lady she is growing into!
We had a lot of fun celebrating with her today.  Here are some of the moments that I captured:

She wanted breakfast in bed...even though she was already up & dressed:)

She woke up to find a ceiling fan in her room--the exact one she's been wanting from Lowe's!

We spent the morning on a very cool field trip to Ebonite International
learning how bowling balls are made.

She chose to have her special birthday lunch with Nana & Papi at Logan's
(she loves those peanuts!).

I love this {rare} loving moment between brother and sister
(he was almost as excited about her birthday as she was!).

Her birthday "loot";)

She requested finger sandwiches for her birthday party with her girlfriends
so we had chicken salad and cucumber.

She also requested these pink meringues.

This was her birthday cake request: yellow cake with chocolate frosting with
strawberries on top...mmmmmm

Of course, we had to have more strawberries with chocolate dip!

My girl is a veggie eater!  

I made yummy Almond Tea, too.

Here she is with her friends just before digging into the good eats.

And here they all are having a little photo session fun:)

Happy 9th Birthday to The Princess!


Laura in Montana said...


I love your daughter's party! My oldest is 12 and still a tomboy, through and through. Her birthday falls on the week of our county fair every year and she prefers to go to the rodeo after a family horseback ride. I imagine I'll get the girly stuff as she enters her teen years, but it sure looks like fun! Couldn't love them any more though, could we?

I'm new to blogging and recently started a blog on my journey to find a more simple, joy-filled, Christ-centered life.

Your blog is lovely and makes me feel comforted reading it. Your smile is beautiful and your children are darling.

I've enjoyed finding so many women who are sharing the same journey. I'll be back.

Laura (spelled the other way)
P.S. Vicky Courtney's book is UNDER my bedside table because I've read it twice already.

Staci said...

I’m pretty sure that the new ceiling fan in her room made her 9th birthday happier. If you want to surprise her again on her birthday, maybe by redesigning her ceiling fan would be a nice idea. What do you think?
Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan