19 March 2012

The Weekly Plan {March 19th}

"I'm still standing", otherwise known as I have survived yet another insane week and am beginning another.  I just tell myself  "I'll get to rest next month....".

I nearly did myself in this past week though.  It all started with staying out WAY too late with several other homeschool moms when we headed to Nashville for dinner on Thursday (we had a PF Chang's craving).  We closed that place down and I didn't get into bed until the wee hours of the morning.  I've been paying for it ever since because it's been one busy weekend:)  It's been a lot of fun though!  We've had some friends in for the weekend and have really enjoyed having them here--plus our kiddos have had lots of fun together, too.

Now I'm gearing up for this week.  I'm a bit behind in my planning, dinners and lesson plans, but it'll be okay.  Wait--I just remembered that last week I planned two weeks worth of school lesson plans!  Yea me!  Now I don't feel quite as behind as before.

-Co-op classes
-Dinner:  Sandwiches (lame, I know, but it was a killer day!)
-Easter worship team practice

-{First Day of Spring!}
-School...or not--considering taking the day off.  We all need it!
-Grocery shopping
-Start cleaning house
-Dinner:  Hamburgers Diane, mashed potatoes, fresh veggie (to be decided)
-Moms Nite Out w/Homeschool Group (not sure if I'm going to make it)

-Girl Scout meeting
-Dinner:  Reuben sandwiches 
-Church/teach kids' class

-Finish cleaning house
-Dinner:  Baked Chicken, rice, fresh veggie (to be decided)

-{The Princess' 9th Birthday!}
-Field Trip to the Ebonite factory
-My family coming in town
-The Princess' birthday party

-The Princess' Girl Scout 1-Mile Fun Run
-Family Day!
-Dinner:  (not-yet-decided....are you seeing a theme here?  :)

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